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Sacramento Accident Attorney Michael Rehm provides representation to all victims of accidents.  Accident cases are based on the negligent actions of one or more persons, that has caused damage.  The victims of these negligent actions have a right to be made whole. These cases generally come down to the amount of applicable insurance coverage available to satisfy the medical bills and other damages related expenses and the liability of each driver.


Auto Accidents: Auto accidents are the most common sub category of accidents today. Some of the more common causes of auto accidents are speeding, the weather, distracted driving, and just overall poor driving by one or more party.  Those involved in auto accidents can obviously suffer severe injuries that can have life-altering consequences. The more common injuries as a result of a car accident are back and neck pain, brain damage, spinal cord injuries.


Truck Accidents:  If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the chances are extremely high you have been seriously injured. Like car accidents, the error of the driver is the most common cause of truck accidents, but trucks also see an increase in accidents caused because of mechanical failures and the fatigue of the driver. Truck accidents have specific rules that other vehicles do not. Depending on what the commercial truck transports, different minimum liability coverage is prescribed by law, with the lowest amount currently at $750,000. It goes up to a minimum of $5 million if the commercial truck transports hazardous materials. These amounts sound high, but once you consider the severity of the injuries that a commercial truck accident can cause, and the cost of medical care, you can see why the minimum amount is so much higher than automobiles.


Motorcycle Accidents:  Like Commercial Truck accidents, motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous and generally bring about severe injuries. An accident in a motorcycle is different from a car or truck, because it leads to the individual flying through the air after being hit.  In a car or a truck, you are normally protected from this occurring.  A victim of a motorcycle accident also faces the bias against riders that is prevalent in the legal system and much of society as a whole. Driver error is the main reason for most motorcycle accidents, but other causes include:

  1. The Weather – rainy weather that leads to slippery roads can have a much more pronounced effect on those driving a motorcycle;
  2. Lane-splitting – which is legal, but this can lead to being intentionally blocked by other drivers, which can result in accidents;
  3. Many motorcycle riders unintentionally end up in vehicles blind spots, which can lead to accidents; and
  4. Cars making turns without their signal on, leading to accidents with motorcycles.

Unfortunately, many times the low policy limits that are required in California are not enough to cover the significant injuries that are sustained after a motorcycle accident. It is often necessary to look at other avenues of recovery in excess of the insurance policy to cover the basic medical bills that can occur.


Bicycle Accidents:  Bicycle accidents can occur for multiple reasons, and do not always involve another person. These are cases where the road in and of itself leads to the accident, and this leads to government liability, as opposed to another driver. In the context of a bicycle accident occurring with a vehicle, the causes of these accidents can be similar to motorcycle accidents, and the risk of being flung through the air is just as common.  Many times, the accident was simply the result of the other driver not seeing the bicycle rider, and that is certainly not a defense in court.  Bicycle riders are held to the same standard as drivers when on the road in California, and the fact that they can be more difficult to see, does not excuse the negligence of the other driver who did not see them.


Pedestrian Accidents: When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, serious injuries generally occur. The most common reason for these accidents is generally the driver not paying attention, running red lights and stop signs, and distracted driving. Pedestrians do have certain rules they must follow as well, for example Vehicle Code 21451(c), which states:

A pedestrian facing a circular green signal, unless prohibited

by sign or otherwise directed by a pedestrian control signal as

provided in Section 21456, may proceed across the roadway within any

marked or unmarked crosswalk, but shall yield the right-of-way to

vehicles lawfully within the intersection at the time that signal is

first shown.


Familiarity with the Vehicle Code and other rules and regulations is essential for an Accident Attorney in Pedestrian Accident cases.



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